Frequent Asked Questions

These are the most frequent questions our clients have

Why should I install a chatbot on my website?

Installing a chatbot on your website is the most efficient way to increase sales and your potential clients list. It will be available 24/7 to provide information, get details or suggest products/services to your visitors

What types of businesses are the chatbots useful for?

Chatbots have proved useful for any type of business that needs help interacting with its customers and partners.
They are used in various areas such as:

- Auto sales / rentals
- Travel agencies
- Hotels
- Hair salons / beauticians
- Real estate agencies
- Auto service
- GP / dental practices
and more...

What are the advantages?

A chatbot will act as a virtual assistant that can replace an employee in performing the following actions:

- book online appointments
- give information about certain products or services
- direct the customer towards a certain page on your website
- offer a discount
- remind a client about a certain offer
- be available out of the working hours
- take certain actions on a page of your website
and many other different advantages from case to case

What types of robots can we design?

We can design a multitude of chatbots that will execute either general or specific actions in a webpage

The most frequent types of robots:
- support
- ecommerce
- online programming
- generate leads
- training

How long does it take to set up a chatbot?

Setting up a chatbot will be done based on your individual requirements. We will discuss all the actions a chatbot can do for you and then, depending on the complexity, a chatbot can take from one day up to a week to be set up

Where is the chatbot hosted?

The robot hosting is on a special secure cloud platform and by installing a piece of code in your website they will appear to your customers