Have you ever thought about how a chatbot can attract visitors' attention
on your website or social media profile?

AI Chatbot

If so, how can a chatbot maximize the conversion of visitors into customers?

Installing a chatbot on a website or social media profile is one of the most effective methods to increase sales and the number of leads.

The reason is simple: it's the easiest way to improve real-time conversion

Your website visitors are connected even when you're not working, early in the morning or late at night. This way, your chatbot will be there 24/7 to provide information and get details about your potential customers or help them place an order in real time.

The live chat and the chatbot improve the conversion rate

In the past, companies have used simple ads to attract clients by suggesting they rang a certain phone number...

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Potential customers were in contact with the sales agent. Each phone call held a busy agent at the other end of the call, then the Internet took over and gave us what we call a website.

Now all customers visited a site before even talking to a seller within the company.

We expected the site to do the hard work for us. In the end, this is a cheaper option than hiring a real person, right?

Well, not always... Statistics show that on average only 2% of visitors to a site get bought or even ask a question. Because of this, companies leave a lot of money on the table...

Example: Of the 1000 visitors visiting your site, about 20 will ask, interact or buy something. Unoptimized sites only convert about 2% of their visitors. It's sad!

...but wait, it doesn't need to be so and for that we have the solution.

Chatbots are very suitable for solving this problem.

People tend to want to talk to someone for additional information or get the support needed to end an order.

Through live chat widgets or chatbots, companies don't have to worry about having to try multiple versions of their sites to find out which one is better. These tactics are old, time consuming and use financial resources.

Chatbots will generate 4 to 8 times more contacts than any other web form you may have on your site.

When you or your team are online, live chat will help you catch between 10 and 50% of the total number of daily visitors, people who would like to chat with you or your robots as long as they are invited to do so and/or are told that through this system they can get the answers they may need, then and there.

Think about how many times have you lost a client because you weren't there to answer their question when they needed the answer? We've all been there...

Normally, a third of those who will contact, want to buy or subscribe to something you offer on your site.

If what we have presented above sounds a bell for you and you really want to improve the conversion rate through your site or social media, press the button below to identify the type of bot that suits your business

What our clients say

"An efficient way by which customers can inquire about the services offered an by which they can ask for details or get in touch directly with the website’s administrator"

Types of bots

Bots are very useful when you don’t have enough time or people to do multiple, repetitive tasks 

Support Bots

Provides real-time support based on a set of questions you previously answered for most of your clients, and redirects to support agents if human interaction is needed

eCommerce Bots

Encourage visitors to purchase a product by giving discounts and coupons. Collect potential client details. Suggest alternative related products. Purchase directly through bots

Live Chat

Facilitate direct contact with your clients via your website. This is a good way to help them make a decision or explain further product and services details in real-time 

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